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[06·03·06·01:10am ]
is it just me, or is lj retarded now?
that's hot

[05·19·06·16:23pm ]
i graduate in 2 hours.
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if you died i wouldn't cry, cause you never loved me anyway~ [11·17·05·23:39pm ]
[ mood | nauseated ]

My dad screwed up and bleached the living room carpet. The whole house smells like bleach. In fact, my nose is starting to get all stuffy cause of the smell, active ceiling fans, and cold air coming in from outside. Stupid Josh keeps making fun of me cause I'm all congested and stuff. Joy's all.. "You're gonna suffocate in your sleep." :: knock on wood. :: That would be horrible. I'm allergic to this stuff, man. Merv is so jacked right now. I asked him if I could stay the night, and he said no cause he's having "people" ( most likely a girl ) over. So much for "stickin' to the family, cause they're all you got." SCREW YOU, MAN! That ain't even right. Right now, I could be like, "Fine.. I ain't pickin' up your kids from their activities tomorrow!" but I'm not looking at it that way, am I? I'm pushing everything and everyone aside til 6:00pm just so you can go run your BS "errands." In fact, I'm going to church service late tomorrow cause of the things you make me do. I hate when he talks about not being appreciated. He needs to think before he opens his mouth. He underappreiciates me ALL the time. Always leaving me out of things and what-not. I sacrafice my time for those kids... I'm a senior in high school. I shouldn't have to look after your kids. It's your job to take them to their activities. I have work to do, I have tests to study for. I sound really selfish right now, but it's really unfair. I can't get study time because I'm always out. Not for my own benefit... cause the kids have their damn activities every day. Well, I deno how this paragraph turned out to be a bash on my favorite bro... all I know is that I'm sick and tired of being under appreciated by him. I do everything he tells me to do... and what do I get in return? Nothing. He doesn't pay my phone bill, he doesn't pay off my car / insurance. He just pays for a full tank of gas when he wants to ( used to be every other week ). I cook, I clean, I do everything he tells me to do, I get good grades like he wants me to, and yet he treats me like a slave.

< / end family feud. >

Josh and I are ok. I mean, I think he's still talking to the girl across the street. I don't know. I need to get over being scared though. It's just, I hate being straight-forward and admitting things to guys. I hate it with a passion. Showing my true feelings is definitely something I can't handle. I'm not a risk-taker when it comes to relationship stuff like this. And GOD.. no, I'm not that clingy kind of person who follows you around 24/7. It's just when I have someone and I care about them, I'm afraid of losing them. I know I'm not attached cause he was my first, cause It's not like I crave it EVERYSINGLEDAYANDWANNAGETFREAKYEVERYSECONDZOMG! ( goodluck on reading that line! ) He's a great person. I have a lot of people telling me things. Believe me, I've heard almost everything~ good and bad. "He's not good enough," "You could do way better," "You're gonna be the one to settle him down," "He treats you different from the rest of the girls," "You met his parents, that's a big step," "He's only talking to other girls, cause he's afraid you're gonna leave him" "I wouldn't be surprised if he fell in love with you." Well, you know.. I'm kind of tired of hearing it from other people and I just wanna ask straight out ask him, but I'm so afraid. I don't wanna scare him off, and make him think I'm some psycho beeotch that wants committment.

< / relationship stuff. >

I guess I'll wrap it up with some quotes.

micah: :: passes me a note. ::
note reads: "give me a ____________ job"
lynne: :: fills blank space in, passes note back. ::
note now reads: "give me a partime job? :D"

micah: i wish i saw you guys kiss again.
lynne: we already did it 3 times.
joy: yup! jr-sr, the orange thing, and last week.
micah: awwww, why do i always miss out on the fun?!

ozzy: i don't wanna go inside. her dad is gonna pull some aZn powers on me.

lynne: keep makin' fun of me... i'll bite you again.
josh: nooo! it was perfect the last tiiiiime!! ;-;

josh: your ass sticks FAAAAAAAAR out of the chair..
lynne: quit making fun of me.
micah: hey! i'm not complaining!! ;]
josh: :: socks micah. :: ey, that's MINE fool!

d-bo: i kid you not~ every guy i asked wants to have a threesome with you two.
lynne and joy: wtf? EEEEEEEWWW.

raquel: i don't get why you say you're ugly.
alexis: yah. JUST ACCEPT IT! E_E
lynne: nooooo. :: broken smile, walks away slowly. :: ._.
raquel: awwwwww!! don't run away!

joy: do they card you when you buy condoms?
lynne: i deno? let's ask! :: calls ate steph. :: :D :D :D

steph: yah, i'll give you the rest of my patches.
lynne: uhm... ok??? :o i'm scaaaaaaaaaared!

chanty: i'm hecka checkin you out right now.
lynne: :: hides behind a bag of hershey's miniature chocolate. :: get away! O_O

chanty: you lost a lot of weight.
lynne: i think it's the sex.
chanty: at this rate~ by the end of the year, you're gonna be hella skinny.
lynne: .... :: slow. :: k, that ain't right. E_E

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Why ya gotta go after the fat kid when playing tag?! [09·06·05·18:21pm ]
Five people that I love who aren't family
01. My girls, who all count as one. :P
02. My boys!
03. sampagita, cause i love her more than she thinks
04. lovers_delight, for second chances.
05. Haven. <3

Five things I can't live without
01. family.
02. music.
03. love.
04. my voice
05. friends.

Five foods/beverages that I love
01. .. green apple milk tea. tapioca express r0x my s0x.
02. rice!
03. japanese food.
04. ramen.. haha
05. I <3 PHO!

Five things that I always have with me
01. I'm a blind bat without my contacts / glasses.
02. wallet.
03. cell phone..
04. car keys.
05. a pen.

Five things I will always and forever hate
01. being led on.
02. disappointing others.
03. getting a bad score on tests and such.
04. stupid drivers.
05. uuuuh...

5 People Tagged By Me:
01. lovers_delight
02. heyitsjayar
03. jkenzie
04. _punk_rawk_
05. lunatikaznboy
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it's a quickie.. [09·02·05·22:14pm ]
[ mood | itchy.. ]

i get to see my boys this weekend! they're comin' over for band practice.. when really they're all just gonna be swimming. hey.. either way. it all work's out for me.

joy's friendboy is gonna hook me up with one of the football jocks from edison. hahaha.. that's awesome.

damn! i got mosquito bites everywhere! it looks like i have a nipple on my calve...

i've been violated like... infinity times 4 squared. people need to leave my hump aloe.

i can't believe frankie j remade "More Than Words"... it sounds aiight. i like the harmonizing...

i have too much on my shoulders~ senior powerpoint, yearbook, T.A., vice prez... what the heck did i get myself into.

you know what i just noticed? alex tristan is hawt... :o

adam's so cute.. no lie.

ok, well i'ma cut out.

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... [08·28·05·01:10am ]
[ mood | shattered.. ]

another good one...Collapse )

aw, I'm in such a crappy mood right now~ I feel like crying.

I'm pretty sure I know what it is..

I feel I can't say anything in here anymore... so off to my personal notebook, I go.
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I stoled it.. XD [08·10·05·20:31pm ]
[15 Livejournal Friends]
1. sampagita
2. jkenzie
3. umthatsnice
4. fantasys
5. nervraij
6. lovers_delight
7. guwapo
8. jeffrizzle
9. undevelopedfilm
10. _punk_rawk_
11. leniam
12. ruff_ryder2
13. heyitsjayar
14. lunatikaznboy
15. scuna

[10 Livejournal Friends You Wish You Knew or Want to Know Better]
1. sampagita
2. nervraij
3. lunatikaznboy
4. jeffrizzle
5. undevelopedfilm
6. lovers_delight
7. _punk_rawk_

[10 Livejournal Friends With The Most Interesting Journals]
1. sampagita
2. lovers_delight
3. lunatikaznboy
4. heyitsjayar
5. leniam

[6 Livejournal Friends You've Had On Your List For A Long Time]
1. sampagita
2. _punk_rawk_
3. ruff_ryder2
4. nervraij
5. jeffrizzle
6. undevelopedfilm

[4 Livejournal Friends Who Post the Most Pictures.]
1. lovers_delight
2. lunatikaznboy
3. sampagita
4. heyitsjayar

[2 Livejournal Friends Who Would Make a Good Couple]
1. umthatsnice
2. guwapo
My ex and my best friend... hahahaha. She thinks he hott... so, I don't see why it won't happen? o.O
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[07·27·05·15:43pm ]
Man... I have so much bad luck with cars. Too bad traffic school is only for violations. It's not my fault.... if only some stupid idiot didn't run a yellow light during road construction then I would've been perfectly fine. >\ Bastards....
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If you leeeeeead, I'll foooollooow. [07·18·05·00:54am ]
this was interesting...Collapse )

Also, is anybody planning to go to the Barrio Fiesta on Aug. 14th?
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Don't tell me you've never felt this way before... [07·17·05·23:42pm ]
[ mood | restless ]

Everytime I take time to type up a meaningful post about what I'm really feeling, I always end up saying "Forget it. No one understands." and I close the LJ client.

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[06·29·05·17:52pm ]
I think it's time to get some new colored contacts! Which ones should I get?
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Aww, man.. I missed Whose Line! [06·27·05·23:18pm ]
Because I like answering questions that are different..Collapse )
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I can't sleeeeeep... [06·26·05·01:06am ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I thought today was Sunday.. whoa.

My brother barbecued today, and he will barbecue tomorrow.

I was so bored! So uhm.. anyone wanna kick it with me tomorrow @ my brother's? ha..pathetic, I know.. but I've got no one to talk to at those things! oh well..

I'm unbreakable!! ( haha, I know you're reading this! )

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What, no tags?! ... fruit of the loom rocks! [06·25·05·03:57am ]
[ mood | can't sleep! ]

You can't overlove your underwear....Collapse )

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Griiiind wit meee~ [06·24·05·21:51pm ]
Yesterday was that Monte Carlo thing at my mom's work. It was ok. If Kayla ( my hott date! ) wasn't there, then I would've been hella bored. Kayla's so pretty. She's gonna be breakin' boys' hearts one day! Well.. The food was gross, so I skipped another meal. ( which is now a problem.. I shall explain later in the post. ) We pretty much just stood around, played Roulette, and listened to some FOB laugh. Ah, I need to hear it again.. it was hilarious. Anyways, the party was getting a little BLEH so, I left. I had Eric, Kayla, and my nephews with me. I had to drive Eric and Kayla home, so I took the long way, instead of taking the freeway. Haha, Eric cracks me up. "I KNOW YOU LIKE THIS SONG. SING!!" He's so adorable! I'll tell ya, he's one hott sophomore. ;x I let him drive my car around the block.. ( very rare. I never let anybody drive my car! ) therefore, that bastard owes me myspace comments. >\

That was my Thursday! Today was filled with rest and relaxation.

I lost my appetite again. I know, nothing new.. right? My meal intake began escalating at the beginning of the month. I was eating healthy at first, then all of a sudden I skip breakfast, then lunch.. just eating one meal a day and whatnot. Now it's come to a point where I only pick at food.. at the same time everyday ( 9:00PM! ). I think it's cause I sleep most of the day, and when I wake up I'm not hungry. When I do eat, I don't eat much cause I can't hold it in. I've still been going to the gym everyday, and I'm surprised I still have the strength to go. Jon says I'm a freak.. and that I'm gonna die. Greeeeat.

Why is everybody saying that I workout too much.. and that I take steroids, and that I'm gonna be some huge body builder? That's mean! ... You know what.. DON'T BE JEALOUS! Don't hate~ congratulate!

I'm off to explore myspace ( "IT'S AN EPIDEMIC!!!" ). Goodbye.
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.. another question. [06·17·05·23:38pm ]
[ mood | hopeless ]

Have you ever wanted something so bad that it scares you?

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... [06·16·05·23:14pm ]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Don't you hate it when people watch you while you're on the computer?

Don't you just hate it when you're having a conversation with someone via IM, and someone else in the room just desides to read along?

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Well.. I think he is. E_E [06·14·05·13:12pm ]
hugh FARTID (1:08:50 PM): You know what?
hugh FARTID (1:09:17 PM): I wanna meet Vince Voughn.
ramen iz good (1:09:26 PM): me too!
ramen iz good (1:09:40 PM): cause Vince Voughn is dead sexy!
hugh FARTID (1:10:02 PM): eeeew You're disgusting.
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TAG, you're it! [06·09·05·15:19pm ]
Cause sampagita tagged me. :o
List five songs that you are currently digging. It doesn't matter what genre they are, whether they have words or not, or if they're even any good, as long as they are songs that you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your five songs, then choose five other people to tag and see what they're listening to.

Black Eyed Peas - My Style
The White Stripes - Blue Orchid
Pretty Ricky - Grind With Me ( <- that's for.. you know who you are XD )
Missy Eliot ft. Ciara - Lose Control ( the "sweet n sour" song. haha. )
Switchfoot - Sooner or Later

These five have been tagged:

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doubt anybody will do this but.. look what i found. o.o [06·08·05·14:13pm ]
whoever reads this, comment on this entry and tell me what you truly think of me. make it as long as you want, don't hold back. tell me everything you've always wanted to say to me, either good or bad.

remember, make it anonymous..

like charisma said: don't hate, participate!
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